An Open Letter to the Class of 2017

Dr. Randy Watts
Imagine for a moment that your entire class has gathered for your twenty-fifth reunion and that your are now attending that event. The year is 2042.
You will graduate from high school tomorrow. Your thoughts are probably on graduation, your friendships, your family, and your immediate future. However, I want you to fast forward your life twenty-five years. Imagine for a moment that your entire class has gathered for your twenty-fifth reunion and that your are now attending that event. The year is 2042.
Chances are that you have maintained particularly close ties with a few friends in the room and have kept in touch with some.
It is also likely that you will lose communication with others. Social media will may help you never truly lose touch, but, as a pragmatic matter, there are some with whom you have spent every day for many years who will get married, have children, obtain degrees, start new jobs, and take on new life roles of which you might not become aware.
Imagine, once again, that you are at your twenty-fifth reunion. It may take a while to recognize some of your classmates as their middle aged-selves; grey hair and glasses will likely impact some of you. Others, you would recognize anywhere, anytime.
So what stories will you tell?…. What did you do after college? Did you find the love of your life? Did you devote your life to serving others? Did you become fabulously successful in your careers?
What stories will you hear? Is Rachel still playing tennis? Does Katie still play the cello? Where did Rhodes’ military career take him? Can Kyle still sink threes? Does Christian have a career as a sports writer? Is Melanie a famous actress? Did Austin decide to go on the road to play music? Is C.C. still… well, I think that C.C. will always be C.C. Is Honey still in charge? Did Hampton ever come home? Is Harrison a Scoutmaster? What does Bradley’s “dad voice” sound like? Does Connor’s kid play little league?
The story of your next 25 years is yours to write. You will take different pathways, make tough decisions, have successes, and yes, some failures. Your class has been recognized for your leadership, your service, your bonds, and your friendship. This experience will be with you wherever you go.
I ask you to remember this: You will be a Brookwood graduate. You will ALWAYS be a Brookwood graduate. You have developed a foundation of wisdom, honor, achievement, and citizenship that will last a lifetime. Regardless of the path that you take in life, you have a foundation that will prepare your for success in whatever direction you go.

You are quite a fine group of young people, Brookwood Class of 2017. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and watch you grow. Good luck and God bless.
Located in Thomasville, GA, Brookwood School is a private school for grades JK-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.