Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Brookwood School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize, preserve, and honor outstanding athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletics tradition of Brookwood School.
We are proud of Brookwood's strong athletic programs and look forward to celebrating accomplishments made and inspiring those to come.

We encourage all members of the Brookwood School community to nominate an eligible individual for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Eligibility and nomination criteria are listed below; just click to expand each section.

Nominations are due by March 15th at midnight to be considered for induction the following fall. Please contact Coach Shane Boggs with any questions. 

List of 3 items.

  • Eligibility

    Those who have achieved excellence in athletics at Brookwood School, have graduated from Brookwood School, and have reached the age of 30 years of age or older meet the minimum requirements for eligibility. The following additional criteria will be considered:

    1. Individual accomplishments within a sport(s) are essential (e.g., all-state, all-region, all-area, all-star selection, state records, school records, post secondary athletic scholarship/participation, professional career).
    2. Contributions made to the success of a team(s) are also important (e.g. team state championship, team region championship, team record).
    3. While athletic achievement is the focal criteria, moral character, good citizenship, and impact on the world of sports, during and after the athlete’s time at Brookwood will be taken into consideration.
    Those who have advanced and enhanced the concept of athletics at Brookwood School through their talents as coaches, administrators, or contributors may also be considered. The coach, administrator, or contributor must have served Brookwood for at least four years and may no longer be an employee of the school.

  • Nominations

    Anyone may make a nomination. Nominations must be received by March 15 to be considered for the fall induction.  Forms are available online. The deadline for 2020 nominations has been extended to April 7, 2020!
  • Induction

    Induction ceremonies will typically take place each October in the Joe and Mary Beverly Athletic Center. 

Athletic Hall of Fame Members

List of 39 members.

  • Mr. Bradley Alexander 77

  • Mr. Wesley Brown 99

  • Mr. Duke Bryan 84

  • Mr. Herbert Butler 80

  • Mrs. Leigh Ann Champion 89

  • Mr. James Chavaux 74

  • Mr. Scott Cheney 08

  • Mr. Stephen Cheney 76

  • Photo of Stephen Cheney

    Mr. Stephen Cheney Jr. 04

  • Mr. Mattison Dunaway 87

  • Mrs. Amy Gintz 91

  • Miss Holly Hobbs 96

  • Mr. William Hodges 80

  • Mr. Jason Hurst 00

  • Mr. Drew Johnson 05

  • Mr. Thomas Johnson 

  • Mr. Thomas Johnson , Jr.  87

  • Mr. Ronnie Jones 

  • Mr. Rollo Knight 04

  • Mr. Jarrod Lewis 04

  • Mr. Bobby Link 80

  • Dr. Randolph Malone IV  77

  • Mrs. Deborah Nigh 04

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Olson 74

  • Ms. Heather Roddenberry 99

  • Mr. Stephen Shea 04

  • Mr. Will Sheftall 03

  • Mr. Robert Shiver 04

  • Miss Savannah  Singletary 

  • Mr. J. Hillman Smith 77

  • Mr. John Stauffer 07

  • Mr. Jackson Tucker 04

  • Mr. Teppo Uuranniemi 84

  • Mr. Heeth Varnedoe IV  85

  • Photo of Kevin Vick

    Mr. Kevin Vick 86

  • Dr. Heather Waldrop 98

  • Photo of Rodger Walker

    Mr. Rodger Walker 09

  • Photo of Timothy Ward

    Mr. Timothy Ward 00

  • Mrs. Sally Williams 02

2023 Inductees

Charles Allen ‘76 
Drew Balfour ‘09 
Steve Miller ‘76 
Julie (Bryan) Moran ‘80 
Rick Singletary ‘78 

Featuring guest speaker Tom Johnson and recognition of the 1983 State Championship Golf Team, the 1983 State Championship Football Team, and the 2003 State Championship Baseball Team.
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