Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The purpose of the Brookwood School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize, preserve, and honor outstanding athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletics tradition of Brookwood School.

The nomination of individuals for induction is very important to the Athletic Hall of Fame process. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure your nomination is complete and complies with the selection guidelines.
Nominee Eligibility:
  1. Those who have achieved excellence in athletics at Brookwood School, have graduated from Brookwood School, and have reached the age of 30 years of age or older meet the minimum requirements for eligibility.  The following additional criteria will be considered:
    • Individual accomplishments within a sport(s) are essential (e.g., all-state, all-region, all-area, all-star selection, state records, school records, post-secondary athletic scholarship/participation, professional career).
    • Contributions made to the success of a team(s) are also important (e.g. team state championship, team region championship, team record).
    • While athletic achievement is the focal criteria, moral character, good citizenship, and impact on the world of sports, during and after the athlete’s time at Brookwood, will be taken into consideration.
  2. Those who have advanced and enhanced the concept of athletics at Brookwood School through their talents as coaches, administrators, or contributors may also be considered.  The coach, administrator, or contributor must have served Brookwood for at least four years and may no longer be an employee of the school.
Inductee Selection:
Nominating an individual does not guarantee they will be selected for induction. All nominees go through a screening process. The nominator may include other relevant information to be considered such as letters of reference, statistical highlights of the nominee’s career, and/or other information that, in the opinion of the nominator, demonstrates that the nominee deserves to be inducted into the Brookwood School Athletic Hall of Fame. Selections for induction are made by the Brookwood School Athletic Hall of Fame committee. Nominations may be made throughout the year. To be considered for a fall induction, the nomination form must be received by March 15th at midnight. Any nominations forms received after this date will be considered for the following year. Nominations will carry forward for ten consecutive years from the original date of nomination. If the nominee has not been selected for induction during that time frame, the individual must be re-nominated for further consideration.

Nominee Information
John Doe
Please summarize your nominee's sports career, listing career totals and pertinent statistics. Include any honors received, i.e. All-Region, All State, All Star, etc.
List below any accomplishments, honors, and contributions that speak directly to the nominee’s integrity, sportsmanship, character, and community involvement.
The nomination form is not considered complete unless the nominator fills out all of the information above.
Nominator Information
John Doe
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