Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The purpose of the Brookwood School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize, preserve, and honor outstanding athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletics tradition of Brookwood School.
Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
Brad Alexander '77*
Wesley Brown '99*
Herbert Butler '80*
Leigh Ann Johnson Champion '89**
Jim Chavaux '74**
Scott Cheney '08*
Stephen Cheney, Jr. '04*
Mattison Dunaway '87**
Amy Morris Gintz '91**
Holly Hobbs '96*✝︎
Bill Hodges '80**
Jason Hurst '00*
Drew Johnson '05**
Tom Johnson, Jr. '87**
Tom Johnson, Sr.**
Ronnie Jones**
Rollo Knight*✝︎
Jarrod Lewis '04*
Rand Malone '77*
Deborah Jones Nigh '04*
Heather Roddenberry '99*
Stephen Shea '04*
Will Sheftall '03*
Robert Shiver '04*
Savannah Singletary*✝︎
Hill Smith '77*
Grant Stauffer '07**
Seth Tucker '04*
Teppo Uuranniemi '84**
Kevin Vick '86*
Heather Harper Waldrop '98**
Eric Ward '00*
Megan Ward '03*
Sally Jackson Williams '02*

(*) 2019 Inductees
(**) 2021 Inductees
✝︎ Posthumous
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