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Brookwood art students awarded at local and state competitions

Katelyn Infante, Thomasville Times-Enterprise
THOMASVILLE – In October, Brookwood art students competed with other local elementary, middle, and high school students at the Georgia National Fair, the Deep South Fair, and the One Book Competition. All three events allowed Brookwood students to showcase months of hard work, categorized by grade level and then according to their choice of medium.
Sophomore Mary Dodys earned first place in 6 different categories at the Deep South Fair, including graphic design, ink, and mixed media; third place at the One Book Competition; and Honorable Mention for her work at the Georgia National Fair.
“All three [events] are very competitive,” Dodys says. “The [Georgia National] Fair is very high-caliber and diverse — which means a large number of highly-skilled competitors. They're all different environments with the same competitive energy.”
Senior Julia Johnson, whose work placed third at the Deep South Fair, adds, “My experience at these competitions has been nothing but positive. At the Deep South Art Fair, we’re able to see a variety of artwork from our peers and from students all across the county.”
Overall, the Deep South Fair yielded 26 first-place wins for Brookwood students, 14 second-place wins, 10 third-place wins, and 13 honorable mentions, with junior Lilly Jackson winning the overall Best in Show award.
The One Book Competition, hosted by Thomas County Public Library, focused on the theme of “My Family: a Moment in Time,” inspired by this year’s selected novel We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter, an account of how a Polish family survives the Holocaust against all possible odds. For this competition, students captured – through whatever non-photography medium they chose – a special moment in their family history that had an impact on their lives and demonstrated the strong, loving bond shared by family members. Brookwood students received 13 of the 21 available awards.
Brookwood art teacher Maureen Harrer explains, “I'm delighted with the results of this year's fall art competitions. Exhibiting work and entering competitions is a great opportunity for my students to be recognized for their artistic achievements, and my hope is that it will encourage students to pursue their talents and realize their potential as artists.”

Georgia National Fair
1st Place Winners
Melissa Ballard (11th & 12th) “Girl on Her Horse,” Altered Photography Category and Youth Art Best in Category
"Family Traditions Memories" Jacob Hilson (11th & 12th) “Waiting Canoes,” Color Photography Category Eliza Miller (9th & 10th) "Hannah's Dock, Monochrome Photography Category
3rd Place Winners Lilly Jackson (11th & 12) “Self Portrait,” Pastel Category
Honorable Mentions Lilly Jackson (11th & 12th) "Kenyan Lady," Pastel Category
Mary Dodys (9th & 10th) "Heart," Painting; and for “Foreshortened Self Portrait in my art room,” Mixed Media

Deep South Fair
1st Place Winners - Upper & Middle School Ann Murray Jackson, Jewelry Design Brianna Beach, Sculpture Diya Choksi, Painting Eliza Miller, Clay Sculpture Eliza Miller, Paper Sculpture Eliza Miller, Photography Eliza Miller, Printmaking Emma Rhodes, Colored Pencil Hannah Richardson, Drawing Hannah Richardson, Mixed Media Jacob Hilson, Photography Lexi Taylor, Collage Lexi Taylor, Watercolor Lilly Jackson, Painting Lilly Jackson, Pastel Mary Dodys, Computer Graphics Mary Dodys, Drawing Mary Dodys, Ink
Mary Dodys, Mixed Media Mary Dodys, Painting Mary Dodys, Pastel Pearson Taylor, Sculpture Sally Powell, Watercolor Taylor Middleton, String Art
1st Place Winners - Lower School Fisher Allen, Mixed Media Eva Nicholson, Mixed Media
2nd Place Winners – Middle & Upper School Ann Murray Jackson Bailey Noah Brianna Beach Eliza Miller*** Ella Grace Squires Hendley Bryan Lexi Taylor** Lilly Jackson Maddie Hendrixson Mary Dodys
2nd Place Winners - Lower School John Flowers, Mixed Media
3rd Place Winners – Middle & Upper School Abby Lee Ann Murray Jackson Eliza Miller Eva Nunnally Hannah Faith Hawkins Hannah Richardson plac Johnson Lexi Taylor Mary Dodys
3rd Place Winners - Lower School Rives Clay, Mixed Media
Honorable Mentions
Ann Murray Jackson Avery Kirkham Cruz Sanchez Elise McPherson Eliza Miller** Gigi Gallagher Griffin York Hannah Faith Hawkins** Henry Cobb Jacob Hilson Lexi Taylor Michaela Falconer Pearson Taylor

One Book Competition
7th Grade 1st - Gracie Strickland 2nd - Lauren Camille Yarbrough 3rd - Abby McCaskill Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Cohen Honorable Mention - Ellie Goodwin
8th Grade Honorable Mention - Parker McCollum - Brookwood Honorable Mention - Garrett Ledford - Brookwood
9th & 10th 1st - Ann Murray Jackson 2nd - Taylor Middleton 3rd - Mary Dodys
11th & 12th 1st - Lilly Jackson 2nd - Anna McBride 3rd - Jordan Thompson
* multiple awards in that category
Located in Thomasville, GA, Brookwood School is a private school for grades JK-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.