Letting the roses reign

Thomasville Times-Enterprise, Staff Report
Kate Porter '20 and Aleks Arwood '21 represent their community at the 100th Rose Show as the Thomasville Rose Queen and member of the Rose Queen Court.
THOMASVILLE — With the fanfare of the Thomasville High School marching band and the Rose Queen cutting the ribbon, the 100th annual Rose Show began Friday afternoon.

Thomasville’s Rose Show is the second oldest in the U.S.

“That is a true feat,” said Gail Altman of the Thomasville Rose Society.

Cindy Dale, director of the Deep South District of the American Rose Society, presented a proclamation on behalf of the American Rose Society congratulating Thomasville’s 100th Rose Show, “where roses reign, 100 years of roses,” she said.

Thomasville Mayor pro tem David Hufstetler praised the efforts of the Thomasville Rose Society for continuing the Rose Show.

“The Rose Show and Festival has become a time-honored southwest Georgia tradition,” he said. “Hopefully, 100 years from now, someone will be here again.”

The Thomasville Garden Club also opened its annual Standard Flower Show on Friday afternoon.

Events continue today with the Civic Garden Club’s flower show at the former Live Young building on Jackson Street, along with the “Show and Shine” car and truck show on Broad Street.
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