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Howell returns to Brookwood for commencement

Thomasville Times-Enterprise, Staff Report
THOMASVILLE — Terry Howell, current math teacher at Harper Elementary and former Brookwood School faculty member, will be the featured speaker at Brookwood’s commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 18 at the Thomasville Municipal Theater.
Howell taught fifth-grade American history and math at Brookwood for six years. The Brookwood class of 2019 were fifth-graders during Howell’s first year at the school, so many members of the graduating class had him as a teacher at that time.
“To have been involved in [the students’] younger years as they got ready to move into middle school was a blessing,” Howell said, “and now to get to be a part of their send off as they move on to the next stage is... a joy I will always remember.”
Prior to teaching at Brookwood, Howell earned a B.S. in Applied Science from the U.S.
Naval Academy and served for six years as a surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy He went on to work in a variety of roles in the private sector over the course of 20 years, culminating in his appointment as president and CEO of HD Supply Waterworks.
After he felt the call to teach, Howell joined the faculty at Thomasville Christian School in 2008. He then came to Brookwood in “These students were my first class during my six years as a fifth-grade teacher at Brookwood,” Howell said. “They were also my first attempt at teaching in an elementary school environment, which had some hilarious and touching moments.” During his time at Brookwood, Howell, along with fellow faculty member Marsha Twilley, developed and advanced the school’s fifth-grade curriculum.
Features such as the Why is America Free Curriculum, Patriots’ Day events, and a trip to Savannah were all added to the curriculum on Howell’s watch.
Howell and his wife, Jan, have three children, all of whom are Brookwood alumni. Howell feels honored to be asked to speak at an institution which has meant so much to him and his family, especially at the commencement of his first class of Brookwood students.
“Brookwood has played an extremely important role in my family’s life,” Howell said. “My three children all graduated from there and were able to pursue their post-graduate dreams extremely prepared. However, the staff at Brookwood did much more than just prepare them for college; they helped them grow into the adults they have become.”
The commencement ceremony for Brookwood School’s class of 2019 will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, at the Thomasville Municipal Auditorium. The ceremony is open to the public.
Located in Thomasville, GA, Brookwood School is a private school for grades JK-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.