Invest in our learning environment.
Brookwood School Campus. Continue to invest in our physical learning environment to produce the strongest model of relational learning. Expand our campus assets to further meet the current and future needs of our students and community.

Learning Environments. Capitalize on our temperate climate by expanding and utilizing outdoor learning environments as new adaptations of immersive learning and lessons were learned from the pandemic.

Flex Space. Develop more physical, flexible areas for learning, connecting, and team building. Revitalize and connect all future campus improvements to our whole-child mission, ensuring they are student-centered and provide healthy growth.

Partnerships. Explore new community-based partnerships to 1) expand our school footprint; 2) provide exposure to shifts, trends, and opportunities in education; 3) foster mission-congruent learning opportunities, internships, and extended classrooms; and 4) grow our impact on our region. 
Located in Thomasville, GA, Brookwood School is a private school for grades JK-12. Students benefit from a challenging academic program, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.