Physical Education

Physical education classes will still occur in most modes. Modifications may be made based on the Mode and current community health status.
Physical Education Procedures for Middle and Upper Schools
  • Middle School students will not have access to regular lockers in Flowers Commons. Will need to have all their books, change of PE clothes, lunch, etc. in a backpack with them throughout the day.
  • PE classes may use locker rooms to change out, but will be in smaller groups. Advisory groups (11-13 students at a time) will go change in PE Locker room while other advisory groups are having attendance taken on Beverly court. Each grade has 2 groups for boys and 2 groups for girls; this is our most efficient option for changing and taking attendance.
  • Lockers in Beverly will be assigned to spread students out with these advisory groups in mind.
  • When students leave at the end of PE class, they need to take all of their belongings. They will not be leaving items in PE lockers after classes are dismissed. PE lockers are there to hold backpack and school clothes during that day’s PE activity time.
  • Upper School Conditioning classes will all use the Varsity Basketball locker rooms to keep Upper and Middle School students separated.
  • Attendance for PE: Middle School classes will spread out using both sides of the Beverly bleachers, girls on one side and boys on the other.
  • Coaching staff will always have 3 coaches with Middle School classes to break into 3 different activity groups to keep groups small/evenly distributed. Fall is typically easier for this, as much as we go outside with Softball and Football activities.
  • We will be able to provide instruction through different activities, physical development and basic physiology education while maintaining safe space and social distancing.
  • As a coaching staff, we have continued working on athletes’ fitness, sport-specific skills and practices, and physical development this summer following guidelines provided by the CDC and NFHS.
  • Skill acquisition is an important part of sports and physical development. We will focus on those skills in the different activities below.
Fall Activities: Football, Softball, Speed/Agility/Quickness training, Physical Fitness, and choice game play.

Winter Activities: Basketball, Ultimate, Intro to Weightroom, Physical Fitness, and choice game play.

Spring Activities: Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field, Intro to Weightroom, Physical Fitness, and choice game play. 
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