What will lunch service look like?

Pepi Foods will still provide our daily lunch service for those students who choose to purchase lunch at school. The menu will be limited to expedite time spent in the lunch line. Grab-and-go salads, sandwiches, and other selections will be offered daily. 

Please click here for an important letter from Pepi regarding school lunch.
There will be no biometrics used at this time. All students must use their Pepi More! card, cash, credit, or debit to purchase lunch. 

For grades JK - 1st, meals will be delivered to each classroom for those students who are eating school lunch that day. Each morning, teachers will submit the food and drink order to Pepi for those students who are eating school lunch.  

For grades 2 through 5, students will go to the cafeteria to select their food and drink and return to the classroom to eat. Crozer Cafeteria will have clearly labeled entry and exit doors. 

Lower School lunch times are approximately the same as last year.  Middle School lunch will begin at 11:47 a.m. Upper School lunch will begin at 12:42 p.m. Middle and Upper School 
lunch will be eaten in locations throughout campus in a socially distanced manner.

At this time, students are encouraged to bring a snack and refillable water bottle from home for a mid-morning refuel. The cafeteria is open for a grab-and-go mid-morning snack for MS and US students. Motion-activated water bottle fillers will be available for student use throughout campus. Standard water fountains will be disabled as they are a high touch point.
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