Service Leadership Guidelines

Final determination of questionable service hours will be approved or disapproved by the Service Leadership Coordinator and the Headmaster.
  1. Political Campaigns and Elections: Working on a candidate’s campaign, working for or against a proposition or ballot measure, working for a political party, or registering voters does not qualify for community service credit.
  2. Blood Donations: Two (2) hours will be given to a student for each blood donation and three (3) hours for platelet donations.
  3. Fundraising/Awareness Run or Walks: Two (2) hours will be given to a student who physically participates in a run/walk. No additional hours will be given as an incentive to raise more funds. If a student actually organizes and recruits fellow students, the Community Outreach Coordinator will grant additional hours.
  4. Hair Donations: Five (5) hours will be given to student for donations of hair to “Locks of Love” or any similar organization.
  5. Organizations May Not Charge Participation Fees: Several area non-profit organizations are charging students to provide services as a C.I.T. (Counselor-in-Training) for their summer or holiday camps and programs. These organizations are profiting monetarily by using students for their labor needs.
  6. Counselor in Training (C.I.T Programs): All students who wish to receive community service credit for work done with summer camps or programs must volunteer at a non-profit camp. Many summer camps employing C.I.T.s and promising service hours for their first year of volunteering are programs that make a profit.
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