Service Leadership

Service Leadership Requirements

Each Brookwood School Upper School student is required to perform a minimum of twenty (20) hours of service leadership each year. If additional hours are performed, they will be documented and verified. These additional hours will not count towards the following year’s requirement; however, students who perform more than the minimum requirement will be recognized at the end of the school year. Students in the Eighth Grade must perform a minimum of ten (10) hours of service leadership each year.

Students must submit completed hours on a Service Leadership Verification Form to their homeroom teachers within seven days after completion of service. (The only exception to this will be that hours completed during the summer must be submitted within the first week of the beginning of the school year.) If the service is an ongoing project, students should submit hours on a monthly basis.

Service Leadership Guidelines

Final determination of questionable service hours will be approved or disapproved by the Service Leadership Coordinator and the Headmaster.

  1. Political Campaigns and Elections: Working on a candidate’s campaign, working for or against a proposition or ballot measure, working for a political party, or registering voters does not qualify for community service credit.
  2. Blood Donations: Two (2) hours will be given to a student for each blood donation and three (3) hours for platelet donations.
  3. Fundraising/Awareness Run or Walks: Two (2) hours will be given to a student who physically participates in a run/walk. No additional hours will be given as an incentive to raise more funds. If a student actually organizes and recruits fellow students, the Community Outreach Coordinator will grant additional hours.
  4. Hair Donations: Five (5) hours will be given to student for donations of hair to “Locks of Love” or any similar organization.
  5. Organizations May Not Charge Participation Fees: Several area non-profit organizations are charging students to provide services as a C.I.T.(Counselor-in-Training) for their summer or holiday camps and programs. These organizations are profiting monetarily by using students for their labor needs.
  6. Counselor in Training (C.I.T Programs): All students who wish to receive community service credit for work done with summer camps or programs must volunteer at a non-profit camp. Many summer camps employing C.I.T’s and promising service hours for their first year of volunteering are programs that make a profit.

Definition of Service Leadership

Brookwood School defines service leadership as:

  1. directly benefiting a non-profit agency or a project sponsored by said agency;
  2. voluntary, unpaid, and on the student’s own time (outside of scheduled school days);
  3. not required by a court of law; or
  4. performed in the presence of others, excluding family members.

Detailed information on Brookwood School’s Service Leadership Program can be found in the Handbook.

Director of Brookwood School’s Service Leadership Program: Eddie Foy