Brookwood Fund

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Your gift of any amount, from $10 to $10,000, will make a huge difference in the lives of Brookwood students.  Every dollar counts toward our participation rates and all gifts will help us reach our goal of $250,000, with $50,000 designated for Brookwood’s Financial Aid fund.

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Teacher Development

Teach the Teacher!  In the recent past, teachers have traveled to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Chattanooga, Phoenix, and Boston for professional development.  Gifts designated toward Teacher Development will help fund continued professional development opportunities for our talented faculty and staff.

STEAM:  Science Technology Engineering Art & Math

Brookwood is now a leader in educational technology and home to the area’s only STEAM facilities.  Gifts designated toward STEAM will provide continued support to facilitate the growth of our STEAM programming throughout all divisions.

Financial Aid

$50,000 of our goal will help support overall financial aid at Brookwood School.  Brookwood’s strong financial aid program allows well-qualified students to receive a Brookwood education, who otherwise may not be able to.

Most Needed

Gift or pledge your support to the general daily operations of the school in the area of greatest need.

your impact

Not only does the Brookwood Fund provide means to balance our annual budget, it also provides for many of the extras used by our students on a daily basis.  From researching a topic online in the library to instruments played in music class, each student benefits from your gift.

Thank you to our many supporters of the Brookwood Fund!

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