Community Wellness Guide

    • aerial 2020

Community Wellness

The Brookwood School Wellness Committee is working to provide you with clarity regarding school operations and to maintain our community wellness. Our plans incorporate the School’s guiding principles, which are mission-driven, and will provide us with the roadmap in our planning and several operating modes which are informed by state and national health and safety guidelines. We will keep our community updated here and via email messaging.

It is our vision to make life on Brookwood's campus as normal as possible, with students physically in classrooms, while taking appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of airborne and communicable diseases. 

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are mission-driven and will provide us with the roadmap in our planning.

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  • Calm

    Our overarching goal has been to make life on Brookwood’s campus as normal as possible while staying as safe as possible for our students within the context of our current environment.
  • Community

    We know how important it is for our students to be on campus, learning from our teachers. As we have shared previously, children need to be in school in order to meet key developmental milestones for growth: academically, physically, spiritually, and socially.

    The success of every school year depends strongly on the good faith, flexibility, and understanding between families and the school in the mutual goal of having students thriving at school.
  • Compassion

    While our priority is to be on campus as much as possible, we are also preparing for potential interruptions and may need to adjust the school calendar accordingly. As always, we will work closely with our families to communicate more information when and if needed.

    We seek compassion in all of our procedures, remembering that our students and families are the reason Brookwood School exists.
  • Connectivity

    Brookwood places a high value on classroom-based, engaging education with teaching and learning experiences on campus. We do provide an alternative, short-term option of Broadcast Learning through Google Meet to students who are at home. This will be a live video broadcast of the classroom or teacher.

    Broadcast Learning will vary by division. In most cases, the classes will include audio and video broadcasting when appropriate. This will provide real-time access into classroom activities and the classroom community for our students learning from home.

Operating and Learning Modes

Operating and learning modes are informed by health and safety protocols, classroom schedules, cafeteria procedures, cleaning protocols, gathering and common spaces guidelines, extracurricular and field trip activities.

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  • Blue

    In this mode, Brookwood will cautiously proceed with many aspects of normal school operation while limiting some activities due to their elevated risk to the health and safety of our community.
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  • Yellow

    This mode employs multiple physical distancing strategies to limit transmission risks by increasing physical space between students and limiting interactions in large group settings.
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  • Orange

    This mode employs multiple physical distancing strategies to limit transmission risks by increasing physical space between students and limiting interactions in large group settings. Face Masks are required.
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  • Red

    This mode requires us to close the campus or a portion of the campus to students. The continuous learning plan is implemented for those students. This may have to be implemented in short periods by division or the whole campus.  We would expect to close the campus only in the events of  1) widespread presence of the virus on campus or, 2) government-mandated shutdown.
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Policy and Procedures

Please reference the Student/Parent Handbook for information pertaining to daily school policies. Click here for our Sick Child Guidelines.


Faculty, staff, and administrators make up the Brookwood School Wellness Committee.

Katie Badger, RN
Amy Cooper, MD
Bob Miles, MD
Mark Hudson, DO
Brandi Warren, MD
Randy Watts, PhD
Vann Middleton, Board Chairman

The content of this webpage will be updated periodically, especially as circumstances change. The content of this site is provided for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please contact your medical provider. 
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