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Brookwood Welcomes Back Connie Clineman
Posted on: May 27, 2009

Brookwood School is delighted and extremely excited to officially announce that  Connie Clineman will return to direct our school-wide musical production next February!

Now that you know who will direct our children, I am sure your next question is "What will the production be?" 

In the wake of this year's events, the only logical choice would be "The Wizard of Oz."

In 1996 the school musical was opened to the entire school rather than just the Middle and Upper School students.  In 1997 the Drama Guild presented "The Wizard of Oz."  For many people only "Peter Pan" and "Beauty and the Beast" can rival the magic and excitement that "The Wizard of Oz" produced among Brookwood productions.  Auditions will be held on September 12, 2009, and performances will be held on February 5, 6 and 7. 

Please consider following the Yellow Brick Road on a magical trip through the Land of Oz with Dorothy.  Dorothy's house is swept up by a tornado and deposited in the Land of Oz filled with magical creatures like the munchkins, flying monkeys, wicked witches, a good witch and many other characters.  Dorothy makes friends with a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman and a Cowardly Lion who take her to the Emerald City to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in hopes that he can tell her how to get home.  The four friends have many adventures before Dorothy learns in the end that there is "no place like home."

Please join us in welcoming home  Connie and Ken Clineman and their many amazing talents.


Mike Notaro, Headmaster