Strategic Plan

Inspiring Leaders.

Visionary leaders founded Brookwood School, emphasizing a school that nurtured whole-child development and provided the best possible educational experience. Subsequent leadership helped to put Brookwood on enviable financial footing and build facilities that exceed those of any other independent school in South Georgia. Most importantly, we were able to attract excellent teachers to provide the experience that Brookwood students deserve.

At times, our strategic planning process has felt like an archeological dig in which we were unearthing something that had been there all along. We discovered that the intersection of our market and mission is leadership and we realized that leadership is pervasive through all aspects of the Brookwood experience.

In this plan, you will find recurring references to leadership. We define student leadership broadly: We bring out the leader in each student by providing a diversity of opportunities for students to maximize their confidence and skills in areas about which they are passionate and to which they will contribute meaningfully.

Stragetic Plan: Goals for 2016-2017

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