Mission and History

Founding Vision, 1970: Once upon a time in the warm pine-scented land of South Georgia, a group of parents had a dream. They dreamed of a fine school for boys and girls where they could get the best education possible in bright classrooms with a limited number of students and the best equipment. They dreamed that each child would develop his entire potential. They dreamed of the freedom these students would have in their activities and the close relationships they would develop with their teachers because the classes would be small. They dreamed of the field trips such a group could take, the games they could play, and the family atmosphere that would be developed. And they knew that if these dreams came true, these students would be prepared for college and for life physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and aesthetically.

- Excerpt from A Brief History of Brookwood School from its Beginning to November 1, 1973 by Margaret Powell Flowers

The purpose of Brookwood School is to provide an exceptional college-preparatory educational experience to students from four years of age through the twelfth grade. Brookwood is committed to developing the whole child: academically, physically, spiritually, and socially.